Greene St. Kitchen is changing weekends forever with its highly energetic BRUNCH’N party that features over-the-top and sharable food and drinks, such as the craveable Pink Pancakes, a titanic-sized Sushi Boat or the almost-calorie-free Ice Cream Sunday. Located on the restaurant’s garden, which overlooks the Palms’ sun-soaked Kaos Day Club pool party and Damien Hirst’s 60-foot-tall Demon sculpture, BRUNCH’N at Greene St. Kitchen features constantly flowing champagne, confetti cannons and whimsical debauchery. Saturday’s and Sunday’s were invented for BRUNCH’N.

Located in the Palms Casino Resort, this Las Vegas restaurant blends together art, delicious food, and an unforgettable atmosphere in a salute to New York City’s Soho district. You’ll soon find yourself surrounded by rooms plastered with graffiti echoing with the hip hop, punk, and pop culture that thrived in the early 70s. Dining at Greene St. is an experience rich with entertainment that’s a little bit gritty and a little bit Boho chic.

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