What exactly goes into determining the value of a Las Vegas Real Estate property?

In many cases, appraised value is based on an algorithm with variables including the home's actual construction, land values, location, and more.

In addition to reviewing the appraised value, how much a home is worth to you?
Factors like demographics, crime rates, traffic, and proximity to shopping and other conveniences can make a big impact on what it is worth to you and your family!

So, how much influence does the area's school districts have on a home's price?
Here's what you may be interested to know.

Great Schools Matter More than Good Schools

Although some argue that certain schools perform better as a result of being in a more affluent neighborhood, rather than the other way around, it's hard to argue with statistics when it comes to the correlation between quality school districts and home prices.

A study found that the cost of homes in areas where the school districts were only average was based almost purely on the home's characteristics like size and location. In above-average school districts, however, properties are often priced well above what the characteristics of the home would have indicated. This suggests that only top-notch schools significantly impact home sale prices.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, approximately 25 percent of all buyers are concerned with the quality of school districts in their potential neighborhoods.

40 percent of buyers at peak child-bearing age (36 and under) reported that school districts were a major influencing factor in choosing a home, as did 35 percent of those between the ages of 37 and 51. With such a large demographic citing this as a concern, it's not surprising that school districts are a factor in determining home pricing.

Economists estimate that a 5 percent improvement in a school district's test scores can increase home prices in the area by approximately 2.5 percent.

A study of metropolitan areas across the nation found that being located in top-notch school districts can add an average of up to $50 per square foot to a home's price. This means buyers of a 2,000 square foot home could be shelling out up to an extra $100,000 to be in a great district.

When it comes to pricing homes, supply and demand is a major factor.

The simple fact is that there are only so many homes available in the best school districts, and there are often more buyers than sellers. This means a bidding war may occur when a home goes up for sale in a desirable area, leading to homes being sold for well above the asking price. When the next home goes up for sale, appraisers use the most recent comparable sales to assess its value, and the snowball effect continues.

The bottom line is that buying a house in an area with excellent schools is likely to cost you more. However, as long as the district retains its status, it should continue to contribute to your home's value for years to come.

To learn more about the Clark County School District, and to view school website, a list of magnet schools and more.. go to http://www.ccsd.net/schools/