Create owls, ghosts, witches, skeletons and other Halloween designs by adding candy and frosting to homemade or purchased cupcakes.

Goblin Cupcakes

You'll need sour gummy candy rings and straws, white and green jelly beans, and mini chocolate chips to make this goblin face. Cut or tear the sour straws in half and push them into frosting for the hair. Use sour gummy rings for eyes; add a white jelly bean in the middle of each ring, and top with a mini chocolate chip. Tuck a green jelly bean next to the gummy rings for the goblin's nose.

Nutty Owl Cupcakes

Nuts plus candy equal this hoot of an owl. To create the eyes, put a thin candy wafer on bottom, a round candy in the middle and a mini candy-coated chocolate on top (attach candies with frosting). For feathers around the eyes, snip red fruit leather into strips. Use black string licorice for ears. Candy corn becomes a nose. Layer almond slices for the owl's ruffles, and add pecan halves for feet.

Skeleton Cupcakes

Create a candy skeleton using a large candy mint for the head, licorice pastels for arms and legs, small mints for the feet and white sprinkles for the ribs. Decorate the face with small dabs of icing.