An AMATEUR bowling tournament that takes place during the PRB Music Festival. The tournament is for fun and we do not allow pro, semi-pro or amateur tournament or hi roller league bowlers to bowl as it would be unfair to the 98% of bowlers in our tournament who cannot compete with these “elite” bowlers.

PRB has grown over the past several years to 500+ bowlers and some very good league/tournament bowlers have entered with the sole purpose of winning the prize money. Unfortunately some of these people have deceitfully entered the tournament, so we have been forced to take a much stricter look at all those who currently participate or wish to be considered for a team.

If you attempt to enter a team member(s) who is overqualified you will be subject to immediate disqualification and a lifetime ban. If in doubt whether your team member is overqualified to bowl at PRB, please email us at

In an effort to level the playing field for all participants in our annual Amateur bowling tournament, we have drafted the following new rules for all bowlers at PRB.

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